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After the set of events that transpired leading me to travel once, and then twice on the same journey (as you earlier read), I was puzzled by a question. Upon returning from my long journeys across the East, my cousins shared with me the same anxiety and curiosity.

Neither of us seemed to be progressing. I was at my lowest point, having suffered major setbacks and failures. My cousins were no exception. What was the question? Let me explain with a story.

A man was given enormous real estate to steward. As with any steward and lavish property, there are rules. However, the steward broke the only rule or warning that was given to him and lost the entire real estate altogether.

When the owner came looking for his steward and couldn’t find him, he asked,

Where are you (1)?”

This is the episode of Adam and Eve. This is also the same question the Giver is asking you. Perhaps, you are already asking yourself as my cousins and I did. These are the questions:

Where are you? Where are you in life? What stage are you currently in? Are you currently where you hoped to be at this age? What went wrong and what stopped you? Have you accomplished anything at all no matter how small? Have you contributed to another’s well being or added value to your community?

Have you begun developing those dreams of yours or are you still making excuses? Even if you began, can you do more? Are you using the gifts, talents, and skills you were given and are you living up to your potential?

To answer this question we tend to ancient wisdom hidden in the shadows of another story.

So, finally, the work is over and the construction of the divine abode which spans several months comes to a close. In a stunning wrap up of brilliance and architecture as detailed in last week’s note and Soundcloud recording, we find Moses, that guy from the Red Sea episode, again.

This time, he orders the compilation of a list of all the metals used in the construction of the Tabernacle. He asks others, specifically the priest, to do it. He orders that the total sum of the gold, silver, and bronze “donated” and used for the construction be accounted for. We see independent auditing and competent accounting. We read,

All the gold...weighed 1000 kg...the silver from the census...weight 3,430 kg...of the silver, 3,400 kg were used to make...(2).”

And on it goes. Did you see it? Did you see the answer in that? Hidden, as always!

Some Nuggets:

To find out where you currently are in the “construct” of your life, dreams, or vision, take a detailed accounting of yourself, your failures, disappointments, mistakes, as well as successes. Take an accounting of your efforts to see where you are in developing your dreams and to determine if there is more that can be done.

Because of our human tendency to be bias when it comes to being brutality honest with ourselves, ask another person to do this for you or with you. Talk to a trusted friend, a priest, pastor, rabbi or someone who knows you well enough to read the statistics of your life and tell you the truth about where you are; whether you are going the right way, and if at all you are missing something.

You were “donated” gifts and talents by the Giver, your heavenly father. Take an accounting to are stewarding it well and channeling it toward benefiting another or contributing to humanity through education, commerce, a cause.

This is the way to see the big picture. This is how to begin. All this can be done with a thought. Thinking through the whole thing. Better still--with a pen and paper, writing down those thoughts and evaluating every turning point and building block in your life.

This is counsel for fresh perspective and for the way forward. It helps you determine what is most sensitive to helping you grow, what does not change, what changes, and what is most sensitive to change, productivity, and growth in your life. Add who into the mix as well for iron sharpens iron (3).

Are you hiding?

If you are asked where are you and what have you done thus far, what will you say? Like Adam and Eve, will you be found hiding behind a tree? Will you be found in the dim of your bed room watching Agents of Shield or 4 seasons of the Walking Dead in a row?

Will you be found hiding behind the scars of a broken relationship; behind fear, blame, or regret? Will you be found making excuses? If so, I leave you with a question which was given to me by the a friend, the owner of 3RW (3 Reasons Why): “What in the world are you waiting for?”

I came across a word from a Templeton Prize winner, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. He said this,

“None of the four great institutions of the modern age--science, technology, the market economy or the liberal democratic state - offers a compelling answer to the three great questions every reflective human being will ask at some stage in life: 1) Who am I? (2) Why am I here? (3) How then shall I live?”

Incredibly true!

All of these are tied to your dreams, a meaningful life, and a rewarding future. You have to start somewhere. So, if you are looking for how to start, do like Moses. With the help of a friend, do some competent accounting on yourself, your life, and your dreams.


If you don’t start or work on what you planned or dreamed of, who will? If you don’t start now, when will you? And, if you don’t start right where find yourself, where will you? It is true what they say, “Charity begins at home.”

No wonder, most start ups and successful companies today began and still begin in a bedroom, dormitory room, garage, or inside a car.

Wishing you good health and prosperity.


Endnotes: (1) Genesis 3:9, (2) Exodus 38:24-27, (3) Proverbs 27:17, (4) Picture from

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