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Bringing Your Dreams to Life

"Genius (every great work of art) is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration,” said Thomas Edison, the famous inventor credited with over 1000 patents. Steve Harvey, a successful comedian and TV host explained it this way, “Success is struggling to get to a hundred push-ups and holding the position at a hundred for the rest of your life”

Every great artist or entrepreneur knows this to be true. Having an idea or being inspired to do something transformational, and transcendent is forever global. But giving that dream a life is for those who chose to perspire in breathing into the balloon of their dreams until it floats.

This is no easy task and it is for those who chose to forgo countless pleasures to do so. I could quote many examples, but let me use ancient wisdom from the Monarch of Zion himself.

From the bible, we read of this story. In the desert, the Israelites are asked to build a Tabernacle for the divine to dwell in. From Exodus 20-31, they receive inspiration and vision.

But from Ex 33-38, the reading sounds boring. It is filled with excruciating detail.

It is all “perspiration.” We see times, schedules, measurements, resources, division of labor, fundraising, expertise, connections, collaboration, aesthetics, and incredible attention to detail.

We read in one instance, “He made an altar out of acacia wood. It was square, 2.2m long, and 2.2m wide...(1)” and in another, “Each frame was 4m tall and 66cm wide, with two matching projections...(2),” and yet in another “For the entrance of the tent, they made a curtain of fine, linen woven with blue, purple, and red wool and decorated with embroidery (3).”

Yes indeed, boring. Or is it?

The question to ask is this:

  1. Why would God include all these details and place so much emphasis on the measurements, design, and specificity of materials used?

  2. And why include this as part of the holy text we read?

But, to you...why would God do such a thing? What is he getting at? I would love to hear what you think. Here's the short answer. These details are keys to how God brought his own dream to pass. From heaven to earth. In it, are secrets you can use to develop your calling, purpose, or destiny, just like God did.

We will cover this next time.

I wish you a week full of good health and prosperity


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